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This option is perfect for startup practices as it includes anything you need for a website to be up and running. You can choose from our beautiful theme-based websites, add any number of pages, and make unlimited copy and image adjustments. We will include your existing logo or we can create a new logo for you at an additional charge. Your hosting and one domain will be included. One-time setup fee applies.


You can choose from our beautiful theme gallery and add any number of pages. You will own your website and you are free to host it anywhere you want. We will include your existing logo or we can create a new logo for you at an additional charge. Your contact information will be added. If you upgrade to the Customized Theme, you will be able to change your colors and add your own pictures to any of our themes. 

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Northshore Dentist Uses iPads as a Patient Educational Tool

Northshore Artistic Dentistry never stops coming up with new ideas to enhance patient experience.  for patients are coming soon to North Shore Artistic Dentistry. With iPads on hand in our office, we will be able to educate you on procedures, review your x-rays without printing, and keep updated with the latest digital technology in dentistry.

To learn more about Dr. Brian Ross, Dr. Kimberly Ross, and North Shore Artistic Dentistry, check out the rest of their . Let the Northshore Artistic Dentistry team help you take the first step toward a more brilliant smile and show you how we they handle all of your dental needs with reliable, compassionate care. If you have any questions or would like to schedule and appointment, give them a call!


310 Happ Road
Suite 208
Northfield, IL 60093


Do I need my wisdom teeth removed?

If you are experiencing pain, swelling, or severe gum sensitivity in the back of your mouth, this may be a sign that your wisdom teeth need to be removed. Although wisdom teeth can remain healthy, they may become impacted if there is not sufficient room on your jawline for them to grow. The Centre for Oral Surgery in Joliet may recommend an extraction if a patient’s wisdom teeth have become impacted and are causing the patient discomfort or damaging the surrounding teeth.

If there is not enough space for third molars () to erupt, they may become impacted. Impaction can lead to infection and inflammation. Besides being very painful if left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth may cause damage to neighboring teeth.

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Babiuk, an oral exam and x-rays will help him determine whether your wisdom teeth require removal. If you wish, you can be sedated during the procedure so that you can relax without fear or discomfort. After surgery, you will need a few days until full recovery and may have eating restrictions while your mouth heals. Dr. Babiuk will prescribe painkillers as needed to help you feel comfortable.

Our office is conveniently located at 3210 Fiday Road, Joliet, IL 60431. Please feel free to call us at (815) 254-1560 if you need or to schedule an appointment.