Bolingbrook Dentist Reminds Patients to Use up Insurance Benefits Before 2013

Lily Cache Dental in Bolingbrook launches campaign to remind patients to use health benefits

Out of the mountain of tasks during the holiday season–gift buying, snow shoveling, turkey basting—scheduling a dental appointment often doesn’t make it onto the “To Do” list. But it’s probably the most important item.

Through an annual campaign, Dr. Suzy Azalea of Lily Cache Dental in Bolingbrook urges patients to use their dental benefits before they expire in 2013.

“When it comes to dental plans, many insurance companies force patients to ‘Use It or Lose It,’” says Dr. Azalea. “We want our patients to take full advantage of the benefits that they deserve so they can maintain their oral health.”

As part of the campaign, Dr. Azalea, dentist in Bolingbrook, posts online reminders and also asks patients to talk to their friends and family members about using all of their dental benefits.

Dr. Azalea also reminds patients that her office hours are flexible to accept last-minute appointments that need to be squeezed in during the buzz of holiday activity.

Lily Cache Dental accepts a variety of financing and insurance options, including all major health and dental insurance plans.

About Suzy Azalea, D.M.D.

Dr. Suzy Azalea graduated from the Southern Illinois School of Dentistry in 1998. After graduating from dental 五福彩彩票安卓下载, she became a founding member of the American Oral Systemic Health Association. Dr. Azalea began practicing dentistry in Nashville, TN and then moved back to Illinois to open Lily Cache Dental. To learn more about Dr. Azalea, visit .

Internal Medicine Doctor in Plainfield Utilizes Latest Paperless Technology

Dr. Kalpesh Patel, Plainfield doctor, announces that he is utilizing paperless technology at Advanced Integrative Medicine.

At Advanced Integrated Medicine in Plainfield, Dr. Kalpesh Patel is now opting for a paperless medical office through the use of electronic records, charts, prescriptions, and faxes. Besides being environmentally friendly, a paperless medical practice allows Dr. Patel to communicate more effectively with his patients as well as retrieving and sending data in a more efficient manner.

Some of the paperless technology Dr. Patel is now utilizing includes:

Paperless charts: Rather than carrying and storing a mass of papers that might easily become misplaced or damaged, our doctors in Plainfield use paperless charts. Patients’ medical history and information are stored on a computer tablet. Data can be easily retrieved, allowing for faster, more effective communication between patient and doctor. If desired, charts can be emailed so that you always have your own records at your fingertips.

Complete electronic medical record (EMR): EMRs allow patient data and history to be stored on portable computer devices. With just the click of a mouse button or the tap of a finger, our doctors and dentists in Plainfield can easily transfer the entirety of your medical information to other specialists that you are seeing. Because the information is not handwritten and access is more readily available, EMRs improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your care.

ePrescriptions: Electronic prescriptions, or ePrescriptions, are drug prescriptions that are sent directly to your pharmacy. No longer must you wait in line at the pharmacy for a prescription to be filled, and no longer will there be the risk of the doctor’s handwriting being misinterpreted.

eFaxes: Our internal medicine doctors use electronic faxes, or eFaxes, to quickly transfer individual files. Unique computer software allows documents to be scanned and electronically transferred to other facilities or to patients.

Advances in paperless technology have enabled doctors and dentists to deliver faster, better care for their patients and for patients to be more actively involved in their own health. With the free flow of information and ease of access, patients can receive more efficient and accurate health care than by using handwritten documents.

About Dr. Kalpesh Patel, M.D.

Dr. Kalpesh Patel is a board-certified physician in Internal Medicine. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and went on to receive his M.D. degree from Ross University. After completing his Internal Medicine residency at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois, he decided to settle down in the West Suburbs. Visit Dr. Patel’s practice website at .

Teeth Whitening in Villa Park

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you’re not a famous Hollywood actor that a dazzlingly bright smile is outside your reach. Teeth whitening in Villa Park is an affordable, effective option for brightening your teeth

As a patient of Dr. Jaspreet Bajaj at Bright Dental Smiles, you can choose from two methods of teeth whitening: a one-time office visit or a take-五福彩彩票安卓下载 kit. The following are answers to common questions that many first-time whitening patients have about both methods.

Q: Which is better—teeth whitening in the office or at 五福彩彩票安卓下载?

A: If you choose teeth whitening at Bright Dental Smiles, either option is fine. Really, it comes down to preference. In-office whitening can be completed in one 30-minute appointment and is supervised by the dentist in Villa Park. An at-五福彩彩票安卓下载 whitening kit given to you by Dr. Bajaj whitens your teeth from the comfort of your 五福彩彩票安卓下载, but the results take two weeks.

Q: What happens during an in-office whitening session?

A: First, Dr. Bajaj cleans debris from the teeth, enabling the bleaching agent to work more effectively. She also places a protective covering over the gums. Next, the bleaching agent is painted onto the teeth in sections, and a special light is used to activate the bleaching agent. Within 45 minutes, you’ll have a shiny new smile.

Q: What comes with an at-五福彩彩票安卓下载 whitening kit?

A: Dr. Bajaj sends you 五福彩彩票安卓下载 with a two-week supply of a whitening gel and trays that conform to the shape of your teeth. Each night you place a specified amount of the gel into the trays and wear them through the morning. After doing this for two weeks, your smile will be whitened.

Q: What is the difference between teeth whitening at Bright Dental Smiles and using an over-the-counter whitening kit?

A: Professional teeth whitening offers you the chance to have your whitening transformation monitored by an experienced, skilled dentist in Villa Park. Dr. Bajaj can carefully track how your teeth are reacting to the bleaching agent, and adjust the amount used as needed. Another big difference lies in the formulation of the bleaching agent. Many drugstore kits contain only three to five percent of hydrogen peroxide, the main bleaching component. We use hydrogen peroxide concentrations of 25 to 40 percent.

Q: How long does teeth whitening last?

A: Many of our patients report seeing their teeth significantly brightened for up to one year—after a mere 30-minute office visit or after two weeks of using a 五福彩彩票安卓下载 whitening kit. For best results, refrain from smoking, eating stain-causing foods and drinking beverages such as tea, coffee and soda.

About Dr. Jaspreet Bajaj:

Dr. Jaspreet is the founder of Bright Dental Smiles, which serves the families of Villa Park and its surrounding suburbs. She takes pride and finds great joy in educating people in the proper management of their oral health. Dr. Jaspreet loves working with patients of all ages to provide the best quality dental care with the most up to date dental treatments. She, along with her team, aims to provide each patient with the highest standard of dental care in a comfortable and friendly environment. Dr. Jaspreet also loves to stay up to date with current research and literature by participating in continuing education programs. She is a member of the American Dental Association, Illinois State Dental society, and Chicago Dental Society.

Corrective Jaw Surgery in Joliet

Patients that may need corrective jaw surgery are those with misaligned teeth and jaws that cause an improper bite. They can also cause a great deal of discomfort.  Misalignment can cause chronic jaw pain, chronic joint pain, headaches, protruding jaw, receding jaw, difficulty chewing, and difficulty swallowing. Corrective jaw surgery will completely correct function of the jaw and bite and may enhance appearance and speech as well.

Corrective jaw surgery can correct an open bite, a protruding lower jaw, or a receding lower jaw. With an open bite, some of the bone in the upper part of the jaw is removed so that the jaw may be secured into its new position. With a protruding lower jaw, the bone in the back of the jaw is separated from the front portion so that the lower jaw can be pulled back to get a balanced alignment. With a receding lower jaw, the bone in the lower jaw is separated and pulled forward to create proper alignment.

There is one step that must be completed before a patient can undergo corrective jaw surgery. Orthodontic braces are placed on the teeth prior to surgery to move the teeth into a new position that will fit the new position of the jaw. This bite will not feel natural until the corrective jaw surgery is complete. After orthodontic treatment, X-rays and molds will likely be taken to have on record for surgery.

During corrective jaw surgery, a patient is put under general anesthesia and the jawbones will be repositioned to fit your new bite. Repositioning the jawbone often involves reshaping the jaw, adding bone, or removing bone. Depending on a patient’s specific needs, surgical plates, screws, wires, or rubber bands may be needed to keep the jaw in its new position. Surgery can take anywhere from one to several hours to complete depending on the previous position of the jaw.

Some pain or discomfort may be present after surgery but can be treated with medication. During the healing process, your diet may be limited to a certain amount of liquids and solids to make sure that the transition into the new jaw position goes smoothly. Tobacco products and physical activity should be avoided, as they will slow down the healing process. The initial healing phase will usually take around six weeks while the complete healing process may take up to twelve months.

To learn more about corrective jaw surgery in Joliet, visit .

About Dr. Babiuk:

Dr. Babiuk specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery meaning that he treats and diagnoses complications of the neck, head, jaw, face, mouth and teeth. It is required that oral surgeons complete an additional 4-7 years of hospital training to become fully trained and specialized in their field.

About The Centre for Oral Surgery in Joliet:

Dr. Babiuk and his team are dedicated to informing patients about all of their options when it comes to deciding on an oral surgery. They have made it their top priority to put the patient first, providing them with the best and most comfortable dental surgery in Joliet.

Chicago Dentist Reaches Out to Patients with New Website, Twitter and Facebook

Dr. Rocio Martinez, dentist in Chicago, announces the launch of her new dental practice website and social media accounts. The new Rocio Martinez Dental website features an attractive design, free downloadable reports, educational cartoons, procedural information, and easy-to-follow navigation. Additionally, Dr. Martinez is reaching out to patients with her new Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“I believe that it is important for patients to have easy access to dental information. My new website features detailed explanations of family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry procedures so that my patients can make informed dental decisions. For social media-savvy patients, I also post dental news, articles and infographics on my social media accounts for easy access,” said Dr. Martinez, Chicago dentist.

Dr. Martinez’s new website can be accessed at . Patients can follow Dr. Martinez’s Twitter at  and Like her Facebook at  for online patient educational materials, special offers, event announcements, and more.

From periodontal disease treatment to tooth whitening, Dr. Martinez, Chicago dentist, offers comfortable, quality dental care in a welcoming environment. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Martinez at Centro Dental Familiar in Chicago, please call (773) 847-4540. Dr. Martinez can also be reached at her Aurora dental office, Allure Smiles by Design, at (630) 978-8884 and at her Joliet dental office, Smile Street Dental, at (815) 439-2731. Dr. Martinez is dedicated to providing affordable, quality dental services and keeping her patients well-informed.

About Dr. Rocio Martinez:

Dr. Rocio Martinez is a graduate of Northwestern University with over 20 years of experience. Given her dedication to the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Martinez is rapidly becoming known as one of Chicagoland’s leading dentists. She is an active member of the Internet Dental Alliance, American Dental Association, Illinois Dental Society, and Will County Dental Society, as well as having been as member of the Joliet Chamber of Commerce since 2002. To learn more about Dr. Martinez, please visit