Bloomingdale Dentist Offers Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Bloomingdale dentist, Dr. Steven Yuan, is now offering adult orthodontic treatment.

Bloomingdale dentist, Dr. Steven Yuan of Aesthetic Dental LLC, announces that he is offering adult orthodontic treatment. Often, adults believe that if they didn’t receive braces as children, it is too late to correct their teeth. This is a misconception, since there are a variety of orthodontic treatment options available to achieve the perfect smile for adults as well. From regular braces to almost completely invisible aligners, adults can easily find a discreet, effective orthodontic treatment that meets their needs.

Besides often making people feel self-conscious about their smiles, misaligned bites can lead to painful dental problems and abnormal facial appearances if left uncorrected. A severe underbite causes the jaw to protrude, while an overbite causes the jaw to recede. These symptoms not only cause one’s confidence to suffer; they can also cause jaw pain and tooth grinding. Brushing and flossing improperly aligned teeth may be an additional challenge, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

To correct the painful symptoms of a misaligned bite, Dr. Yuan offers braces and Invisalign for adults and children alike. “I want all of my patients to have a healthy, confident smile regardless of age. It’s never too late to treat an imperfect smile or an uncomfortable bite,” says Dr. Yuan, Bloomingdale dentist.

While some adults may be hesitant to get braces due to youthful memories of heavy headgear, dental technology has evolved significantly. Now, most braces are lightweight and virtually painless. Patients can choose from a multitude of different brace bracket styles, such as clear brackets.

Invisible aligners are also a good option for adult orthodontic treatment. For patients who want a more discreet solution, Dr. Yuan offers Invisalign. During Invisalign treatment, a clear aligner tray is custom-designed to fit over your teeth. As your teeth straightening progresses, you will receive new aligners to fit over your shifting teeth. There is no need to avoid certain foods with Invisalign, as you can easily remove your aligner to eat or brush your teeth.

Patients who are interested in receiving adult orthodontic treatment can call Aesthetic Dental LLC at (630) 893-1300. To learn more about Invisalign and other cosmetic procedures that Dr. Yuan performs, visit . Dr. Yuan and the Aesthetic Dental LLC staff are dedicated to providing professional, compassionate dental care in their family-friendly office.

About Dr. Steven Yuan, D.D.S.

At Aesthetic Dental LLC, Dr. Steven Yuan and his team of dental professionals offer high quality treatments in a comfortable environment. Dr. Yuan, Bloomingdale dentist, treats TMJ headaches and provides root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, dental implants and teeth whitening.

Roselle Dentist Offers Lifetime Teeth Whitening Program for One-time Fee of $99

Dr. Brainard G. Llanes, Roselle dentist, supports patients’ New Year resolutions by offering a teeth whitening for life program.

Roselle dentist, Dr. Brainard G. Llanes of Modern Essence Dentistry, is pleased to announce that he is now offering a whitening for life program to help people achieve a white, healthy smile. Dr. Llanes invites patients to enroll for a one-time fee of $99 that covers the cost of a personalized whitening tray and free whitening solution for the rest of their lives.

This new program is an affordable and practically effortless way for people to keep their teeth white. It also provides an incentive for those who want to maintain healthy teeth and rewards patients who are already conscientious about keeping regular appointments. Patients who schedule routine dental cleanings and exams typically spend less money on dental work than patients who only see a dentist when their teeth and gums are damaged.

To be eligible to participate, all patients have to do is attend their regular dental cleanings every 6 months. Upon enrollment, patients will have impressions taken of their teeth in order to create a personalized tray. After the tray is completed, Dr. Llanes, Roselle dentist, will provide a refill of a safe and professional-strength whitening solution after every dental cleaning.

For those who desire drastic teeth whitening in one appointment, Dr. Llanes also offers Zoom! Laser Whitening. With a variety of whitening, cosmetic and other treatment options, Modern Essence Dentistry is dedicated to helping patients achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

About Modern Essence Dentistry:

Modern Essence Dentistry provides teeth whitening, dental implants, dental veneers, root canal therapy, bridges, dentures and child-friendly dental procedures in addition to cleanings, exams and fillings. In order to establish a comfortable dental environment, Modern Essence Dentistry offers patients waiting room amenities, such as cable television, personal handheld radios with headphones, blankets and complimentary beverages. The Modern Essence Dentistry staff is experienced with treating patients of all ages, and they welcome families to visit the office.
Visit  to learn more about the Modern Essence Dentistry staff and the procedures they provide. Modern Essence Dentistry is conveniently located by Schaumburg, Elk Grove Village, and Medinah, IL and is located in Roselle Towne Square near Subway and Strike X Bowling Alley.