Pediatric Dentist in Hinsdale, IL Keeps Smiles Healthy with New Practice

Dr. Miranda Albert, pediatric dentist in Hinsdale, IL, announces the opening of Brush Pediatric Dentistry and discusses the benefits of pediatric dentistry.

Hinsdale dentist Dr. Miranda Albert, DDS, MS, has recently opened Brush Pediatric Dentistry, a dental practice specializing in pediatric care ranging from infants to teenagers. The new practice allows young patients a fun, anxiety-free trip to the dentist.

Some parents may wonder what the benefits are to taking their children to a pediatric dentist versus a regular dentist, an inquiry to which Dr. Albert provides a thorough explanation: “Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. After completing a four-year dental 五福彩彩票安卓下载 curriculum, two additional years of rigorous training in a residency program are required to become a pediatric dentist. This specialized program of study and hands-on experience prepares pediatric dentists to meet the needs of infants, children, and teens,” said Dr. Miranda Albert, Hinsdale, IL pediatric dentist.

The new office welcomes children with its bright colors and cheerful waiting room activities. Upon entering the waiting room, patients are greeted with a colorful array of chairs and paint colors. Games are set up on child-sized tables. This fun environment encourages children to settle comfortably into the routine of dental visits.

Besides introducing kids to the fun side of dental offices, one of Dr. Albert’s goals for Brush Pediatric Dentistry is to encourage early patient education. When a child expresses curiosity about treatment, Dr. Albert’s staff works together with parents to use kid-friendly, age appropriate, and educational procedural descriptions.

The American Dental Association recommends that all children see a dentist before age one. Dr. Albert believes that establishing a dental 五福彩彩票安卓下载 early on helps children develop good dental hygiene habits.

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To learn more about Brush Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Albert’s pediatric dental procedures, visit or call Dr. Miranda Albert at (630) 504-2223. You can also “Like” the Brush Pediatric Dentistry Facebook page at . Dr. Albert is dedicated to easing children into routine dental visits and providing stress-free, high quality dental care.

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About Dr. Miranda Albert, DDS, MS

Dr. Miranda Albert is a board certified pediatric dentist and earned her dental degree at the University of Michigan. She completed a two-year residency in pediatric dentistry before she earned a Master of Oral Sciences degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where her research focus was infant oral healthcare. After completing her training at UIC, Dr. Albert became the director of a dental clinic located on the south side of Chicago, helping children with limited access to dental care. She has been practicing pediatric dentistry since 2004 and opened her own practice in 2011. Dr. Albert recently moved to the area and had her second child about one year before Brush opened its doors. At Brush Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Albert offers comfortable dental care for young patients, specializing in prevention, early detection, infant and emergency care, and calming dentistry.

Bloomingdale, IL Dentist Dr. Steven Yuan Now in Network with Most Major Insurance Providers

Dr. Steven Yuan, dentist in Bloomingdale, officially announces that he is in network with most major dental insurance providers.

Dr. Steven Yuan, dentist in Bloomingdale, IL, announces that he is now in network with most major dental insurance providers. Dr. Yuan recognizes that many patients have limited access to dental care due to the economic recession. In order to ensure that more members of the Bloomingdale community can receive the treatment they need, he is working diligently with multiple insurance providers to include as many insurance plans as possible.

Dr. Yuan believes that quality dental care should not depend on a certain type of insurance provider, but should be available to a wide breadth of patients. “I would rather my patients pay only a little now versus a lot later,” said Dr. Yuan, dentist in Bloomingdale.

For patients who do not have any dental insurance, Dr. Yuan also offers CareCredit, a credit line that is only used for healthcare purposes. With CareCredit, patients can pay out-of-pocket expenses with no interest if paid in full within the promotional period of 6 months or more.

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To learn more about Dr. Yuan’s insurance and Care Credit policies, visit  or call Dr. Steven Yuan at (630) 893-1300. Dr. Yuan is committed to working with his patients so that they understand their treatment options and are able to receive the treatments they need.

About Dr. Steven Yuan, D.D.S.
At Aesthetic Dental LLC, Dr. Steven Yuan and his team of dental professionals offer high-quality treatments in a comfortable environment. Dr. Yuan, dentist in Bloomingdale, treats TMJ headaches and provides root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, dental implants and teeth whitening.