Dentist in Bolingbrook, IL Provides Patients with Affordable Dental Implants

Dr. Suzy Azalea, dentist in Bolingbrook, IL, offers affordable dental implants at Lily Cache Dental.

Dr. Suzy Azalea, , helps patients combat the rising cost of dental care by offering affordable dental implants.

Dental implants, in most cases, are a lifetime solution for patients, whether they are missing one or all of their teeth. Unlike bridges, implants do not require filing down neighboring healthy teeth that often fail after the treatment and may require more extensive dental work. When a tooth is lost, the lack of stimulation in the jawbone often causes the bone to weaken and recede and may lead to the loss of neighboring teeth.

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacements, functioning, feeling and appearing like natural teeth. They preserve healthy teeth and bone and allow patients to enjoy any food they like. With a success rate of over 95%, this highly predictable treatment is becoming the number one choice for tooth replacement.

For residents in the Bolingbrook area who would like to replace their missing teeth, Lily Cache Dental offers affordable dental implants. Dr. Azalea believes that everyone should have access to high quality dental care, so she invests in the latest dental technology and provides treatment at a reduced cost. She also offers convenient payment options and accepts most major insurances.

To learn more about , visit  or call Dr. Suzy Azalea at (630) 739-9430. You can also follow Dr. Azalea’s Twitter at  and Dr. Azalea’s Facebook at . Dr. Azalea is dedicated to providing affordable, quality dental solutions to restore her patients’ confidence in their smiles.

About Dr. Suzy Azalea, D.M.D.
Dr. Suzy Azalea graduated from the Southern Illinois School of Dentistry in 1998. After graduating from dental 五福彩彩票安卓下载, she became a founding member of the American Oral Systemic Health Association. Dr. Azalea began practicing dentistry in Nashville, TN and then moved back to Illinois to open Lily Cache Dental.